DreamBox Ortho Reversible Mattress


Your perfect fit.

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Cosier? Firmer? Side-Sleeping?

Rebonded and PU Foam-based flippable designs to go with your mood!
People have varied preferences and when it comes to mattresses, we take your opinions very seriously.
A soft PU foam for a gentle mattress preference with a flip to a firmer rebonded foam – the way you like it.

Back and Joint Support
Zipped Cover
No Sags & Indentations
Easy to Clean
Poly-Spun Cool Fabric
7 Years Warranty

Why choose DreamBox Cure?

Firm surface with optimum push-back for a perfect sleeping position. Get up feeling refreshed!

Because DreamBox evenly distributes your body weight to prevent build-up at pressure points.

DreamBox Mattress ensures correct spinal alignment to help alleviate stress on the spine and reduce back pain.

We wouldn’t wanna wake up with an aching back, would we? Maintain your natural disposition of sleeping on your side while making sure your spine is aligned and supported.

Let’s get sleepy!

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Clean and Tidy

Washable covers that zip-locks the mattresses for convenience.

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