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The science of sleeping.

If NASA can use memory foam for their astronauts, it certainly must be awesome!
This NASA developed foam uses your body heat to soften and mould to your shape making it the most comfortable mattress to sleep on, while the cooling gel layer on the mattress will keep you from waking up all sweaty. Here is to sleep backed up by science!

Memory Foam
For all sleep styles
Cooling Gel technology
Pressure Relief
Zipped Cover
Natural Bamboo Fabric

Why choose DreamBox Care?

DreamBox Mattress contours to the shape of your body for optimal spinal alignment and provides targeted support.

DreamBox Mattress will evenly distribute your body weight to relieve aches and pains and promote healthier blood circulation throughout the night.

DreamBox Mattress creates a personal sleep zone and prevents you from feeling your partner’s movements.

Studies show a difference of 2 degrees because of the cooling top layer! DreamBox Mattress comes with a top layer of cooling gel which helps maintain the temperature of the mattresses and gives you an evenly cool surface all night long.

Bamboo fabric is one of the most breathable materials making it an ideal fit for your mattress cover. The cover is not only easy to clean as it is removable, but is also anti allergic, anti dust mite, anti fungi, super absorbent and gives sweat protection

Let’s get sleepy!

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Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 80 × 100 in
Size (LxWxH)

72"x36"x6", 72"x36"x8", 72"x42"x6", 72"x42"x8", 72"x48"x6", 72"x48"x8", 72"x60"x6", 72"x60"x8", 72"x66"x6", 72"x66"x8", 72"x72"x6", 72"x72"x8", 75"x36"x6", 75"x36"x8", 75"x42"x6", 75"x42"x8", 75"x48"x6", 75"x48"x8", 75"x60"x6", 75"x60"x8", 75"x66"x6", 75"x66"x8", 75"x72"x6", 75"x72"x8", 78"x36"x6", 78"x36"x8", 78"x42"x6", 78"x42"x8", 78"x48"x6", 78"x48"x8", 78"x60"x6", 78"x60"x8", 78"x66"x6", 78"x66"x8", 78"x72"x6", 78"x72"x8", 80"x60"x6", 80"x60"x8", 80"x72"x6", 80"x72"x8", 84"x60"x6", 84"x60"x8", 84"x72"x6", 84"x72"x8"