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Our Story

What began as a nerdy project, has turned into a science-driven, sleep ecosystem of the best quality products, made for the best quality sleep. Ironically, a few sleepless nights were spent perfecting the design, making it the perfect combination of science and just a touch of magic.

So we dreamed a big dream

The creators of Dream Box began with a simple dream – to make sleep simple. After a lot of research and quality analysis, armed with NASA’s memory foam, a lot of expertise and just the right amount of sleepless nights, they embarked on the journey of making Dream Box a reality. This incredible ride took them through door-to-door deliveries, many prestigious clients and invaluable personal interactions with their dreamers.

Bringing joy to a tired industry

With the knowledge-based approach, Dream Box also has one foot strongly rooted in mattress consultations. Because of the quality of products created by Dream Box, the conversions were quick and happy.

Now with 8 years of experience, Dream Box continues to spread its wings and fly through the nights stopping only to make sure that the dreamers sleep tight and no bed bugs bite!

Each box is packed with a fair promise of expertise, trust and quality combined with luxury one can only dream of.

Let’s get sleepy!

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If your nights aren’t satisfactory,
we take our mattress back!

Sonic-Fast Free Delivery

Not literally! But we offer free delivery within 10 days of your booking

Clean and Tidy

Washable covers that zip-locks the mattresses for convenience.


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